Ongoing Exhibitions:

August 30, 2016 to June 12, 2017

Wildfire Test Pit

This site-specific installation by Fred Wilson functions as a metaphor for the biases in our perceptions of what and who should be remembered. Read more

August 30, 2016 to June 12, 2017

Black to the Powers of Ten

Race, time, memory, and meaning are among the concepts explored in this exhibition of works from 2003–2014 by the artist Fred Wilson. Through glass works designed and fabricated in Murano and the Seattle area, as well as in paintings, sculpture, prints, and video, Wilson challenges assumptions about history, culture, and display practices, offering alternative interpretations and encouraging viewers to reconsider how they think and what they know. Read more

Through May 21, 2017

Conversations: Past and Present in Asia and America

Inspired by the AMAM’s 2016–17 theme of time, this exhibition bridges wide temporal and cultural distances, linking the works of artists from China, Japan, Korea, the United States, and Canada, both well-known and anonymous, living and long gone. Read more

Through May 21, 2017

lines of descent: masters and students in the Utagawa School

This exhibition traces the history of an important group of woodblock printmakers in Japan, the Utagawa school. Founded in the Edo Period (1603–1868) by Utagawa Toyoharu, this lineage went on to produce some of the most celebrated print designers in Japanese art. Read more

Through May 21, 2017

exploring reciprocity: the power of animals in non-western art

Animals act as companions and contributors to human life in this exhibition featuring works ranging from Japanese woodblock prints to whalebone sculptures of indigenous North America. Read more

Through May 21, 2017

the archaic character of seal script

This small exhibition focuses on the historical and artistic dimensions of seal script, the oldest form of Chinese writing. Calligraphers in China often choose seal script to convey a sense of antiquity when writing out selections from ancient texts or rendering the formal titles of documents. Read more

Through May 21, 2017

form and light: brett weston photographs

Born in Los Angeles in 1911, Brett Weston became known as a photographer of landscapes and still life. Read more

Through July 2, 2017

images in black and white

How does photography, as a medium, art form, and documentary method, construct identity and stereotype? Read more

Piano 2016 | Violin 2017
For young musicians ages 13 to 18
$20,000 first prize

Presented each July by Oberlin Conservatory of Music and The Cleveland Orchestra, the Cooper Competition showcases the most promising young musicians from around the world. Five days of performances on campus give way to the thrilling Concerto Finals at Severance Hall, where three finalists compete for the grand prize in concert with The Cleveland Orchestra.

Read more

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