The Yeworkwha Belachew Center for Dialogue

Our Services

YBCD is a program coordinated and managed by the Office of the Ombudsperson.

YBCD is supported by four to six trained student interns and 25 or more student, faculty, and staff volunteer mediators who have participated in more than 40 hours of social justice mediation and facilitation training. The program is multipartial in its orientation. The center for dialogue extends the capacity for the office to provide independent, confidential, and informal services to the campus community.

YBCD Social Justice Mediation

A process used to address a dispute or controversy by assigning a pair of trained mediators to exercise multipartial listening and communication skills while assisting parties in identifying outcomes that are mutually satisfactory.

YBCD Social Justice Group Facilitation 

A process by which a team of trained volunteers facilitates one (or a series or group) dialogue(s) for an organization, class, office, department, committee, community group, etc. The facilitators adapt social justice mediation skills to lead small, moderate, and large open or closed dialogues in a manner that promotes all voices being heard and collaborative problem solving. Such dialogue may concern difficult issues, matters of controversy, or conflict within or between groups. Such programs are planned with the sponsoring group.

YBCD Educational Workshop Development and Presentation 

A collaborative service that involves YBCD facilitators developing with a sponsoring office, organization, or program an educational event that helps build or strengthen effective communication practices within the group. As with all other programming, the assigned YBCD team will draw upon their social justice mediation and facilitation skills. Each event is tailored to meet the needs of the hosting group.

YBCD/Ombuds Class, Department, Organization Visits

By appointment the ombuds and/or members of YBCD can be invited to join your class, department, organization, residence hall to facilitate generation of shared norms for meetings and dialogues, to introduce and model empathy-based communication strategies, social justice mediation and multipartiality. To schedule a visit contact Kimberly Jackson Davidson.

YBCD Library

YBCD maintains a library dedicated to conflict transformation, management, and resolution! Whether you're looking for an inspirational read or a reference on the nature of conflict resolution and ombudsmanship, we have resources for you. 

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