Registration is the same for all projects and may be submitted at any time. Early registration is strongly recommended.

All students must register for winter term by the deadline, the first Friday in December. No late registration is allowed—only changes to an existing registration. If a student cannot find a project sponsor and the registration deadline is near, students should contact their academic advisors or a dean for assistance.

Changes to Registration

A student who changes a project after registering must notify the Academic Advising Resource Center by submitting a revised registration card. The student should proceed as follows:

• Students who wish to increase credit from a half to full project, change sponsors, or change projects (without necessarily changing the sponsor) must do so within the first 14 days of winter term.

• Students who wish to reduce the project credit from full to half may do so as late as February. A Winter Term Registration Adjustment/Drop form signed by the sponsor must be submitted to the Academic Advising Resource Center for such a change.

The only change that may be made after winter term is over is a slight alteration to the project title. If the student or project sponsor determines this necessary at the time the student is reporting on the project, the student and sponsor together should decide on a better title.

The sponsor will send the change in title to the Academic Advising Resource Center via email.

Calendar Dates and Deadlines