Students are expected to complete projects during winter term that are academically relevant, rigorous, experiential, and educationally rewarding.

Viable projects include those that involve academic study, field experience, and or experiential learning—including internships and community service. Your advisor and or your project sponsor will help you craft a project that meets these goals.

Consider the Basic Options for a Winter Term Project

All winter-term projects fall into the following general categories: group or individual; on campus or off campus; and full credit or half credit. All projects require a sponsor. Please also discuss possible winter-term projects with academic advisors. We encourage you to consider a variety of options, including the following:

  • What do I hope to learn?
  • Do I want to work alone or with a group?
  • Do I want to work on or off campus?
  • Will I do one full-time project or combine two half-time projects?
  • What relative weight will I give to reading, writing, creating, performing, research, and practical experience?
  • Can the project be completed in one month?
  • What will the project cost?
  • Are there adequate facilities in Oberlin or elsewhere?
  • Will I need instruction or supervision, or can I do my work independently?

For the complete lists of group projects for the upcoming winter term or to register for a group or individual project, apply on the Winter Term Projects website.