Photo of Viplav Saini
  • Associate Professor of Economics


  • BA, University of Delhi, March 2001
  • MA, University of Delhi, March 2003
  • MA, Johns Hopkins University, May 2006
  • PhD, Johns Hopkins University, October 2009


Viplav Saini works in the field of industrial organization, a branch of economics that studies the market strategies of modern firms, often using tools from game theory. He currently teaches courses on industrial organization, game theory, microeconomic theory (intermediate and advanced), and principles of economics.

Spring Courses 2017

  • ECON 253 - Intermediate Microeconomics: TR 1:30-2:45pm
  • ECON 353 - Microeconomic Theory: TR 11am to 12:15pm
  • ECON 995-09 - Private Reading