Student Presentation.

  • STRONG Scholars get a head start on settling in and making connections with the people on campus who will be there to support them throughout their years at Oberlin. Relationships with the students, professors, and staff members whom Scholars meet through STRONG form an important foundation of support for academic and personal success during their time in college.
  • STRONG scholars have early access to research experiences during their first year at Oberlin

  • STRONG scholars receive close mentoring from STEM faculty, staff, and peers

  • STRONG scholars receive a specialized first-year curriculum designed to advance knowledge and skills in STEM

  • STRONG scholars persist in STEM: 90% of the original cohort graduated with STEM majors compared to the 44% persistence rate for underrepresented and racial minorities (URMs) at Oberlin

  • STRONG scholars excel in research beyond their first year: Many STRONG scholars continue their research at Oberlin and R1 institutions, present their research at regional and national conferences, and win awards for their research involvement

  • STRONG scholars are leaders at Oberlin: Many STRONG scholars have developed into leaders on campus both within the STEM community and the larger Oberlin community. STRONG scholars have served as co-chairs for Oberlin’s Black Scientist Guild (BSG), worked to bring URM speakers to Oberlin, organized groups of students to attend conferences for URM scientists, served on Oberlin’s Student Senate, and served on Oberlin’s Board of Trustees as the Class Trustee.