Student Presentation.

The STRONG program represents Oberlin College’s commitment to providing forms of education that meet the needs of students from a variety of backgrounds and experiences with STEM fields and research. In particular, the aim of STRONG is to offer Scholars early exposure to the Oberlin campus; to the city of Oberlin and Northeast Ohio; and to the people they will live, learn, and work with in their college years. STRONG Scholars get a head start on settling in and making connections with the people on campus who will be there to support them throughout their years at Oberlin. Relationships with the students, professors, and staff members whom Scholars meet through STRONG form an important foundation of support for academic and personal success during their time in college. In addition, each Scholar benefits from the following:

  • STRONG Scholars receive a $2,000 stipend for full-time work in a professor’s research group through the month of July.
  • Housing and dining for the summer are covered by the program, and Scholars receive up to $400 to cover round-trip travel to and from Oberlin for the summer program.
  • Once Scholars successfully complete the summer program, they will receive a book award to offset the cost of course textbooks in their first year.
  • By mutual agreement between the Scholar and the faculty mentor, the Scholar will conduct her or his first Winter Term project at Oberlin in the same research group as in the summer.
  • STRONG Scholars can access support in STEM classes during their first year through a partnership with the Center for Learning, Education, and Research in the Sciences (CLEAR).