Tom Newlin

  • Professor of Russian
  • Chair of Russian


  • BA, Swarthmore College,1982
  • MA, Columbia University 1986
  • PhD, Columbia University,1994


Tom Newlin teaches both Russian language (in recent years mostly first-year Russian) and a range of literature courses in translation, including Tolstoy and Dostoevsky; Literature and the Woman Question in Nineteenth-Century Russia; Literature and the Land: Nature-Writing in Russia and America; and The Meaning of Life: Dispatches from Nineteenth-Century Russia.

He also has also been closely involved for some years with the Environmental Studies Program.

His scholarly interests focus on 18th- and 19th-century Russian literature and history, Russian visual culture, and the history of ecological ideas in Russia. He is author of The Voice in the Garden: Andrei Bolotov and the Anxieties of Russian Pastoral (Northwestern, 2001).

He is currently writing a book that explores the ways 19th-century Russian writers, artists, and scientists looked at and represented the natural world.


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