Depending on the type of study away program you are participating in, you may find that you need help from staff at Oberlin for a variety of questions.

Changing Course Selections

Inevitably, some students change the courses they have listed on their preliminary transfer of credit forms.  Since most department chairs have checked the box on the form that indicates "preliminary" rather than "final" credit, most students will need to seek some additional chair signatures for final credit upon their return.  Course changes while away should be handled as follows:

Email the appropriate department chair with as much information about the course as possible and ask them for preliminary approval.  When you receive an answer from the department chair, forward the email to so that it can be put in your file and sent to the Registrar's Office.

It is imperative that you record your actual course selections with the Office of Study Away.  Upon your return, it is more difficult to transfer credit that has not been listed or preliminarily approved (if necessary).

Extending Your Leave of Absence 

If your academic leave is granted for one semester and you wish to extend your leave you must formally apply to extend your study away status. The deadline for extending a fall semester leave is October 15.  If you wish to extend your spring semester leave, the deadline is March 15.  Please contact the Study Away Office in advance of the October 15 or March 15 deadline to request an extension.  The Off-Campus Study Committee will review your application for extension with the same rigor as in your initial application.  When considering a request for extension we will take into account the balance of enrollment between fall and spring semesters.  There is no guarantee that an extension will be approved.

Financial Aid, Registration, Mail, and Housing

Students who are on an Academic Leave of Absence at GLCA-recognized and Oberlin College affiliated programs of study are eligible to be considered for all financial aid programs while on leave. Students on an Academic Leave who enroll in non-affiliated programs of study may be eligible to receive limited amounts of federal funding and should contact the Office of Financial Aid for additional information.

How to Handle Loans while on Leave

Students who are on an approved Academic Leave of Absence will be treated as enrolled students for purposes of student loan repayment/deferral.

How to Apply for Financial Aid while on Leave

Financial Aid application forms are normally mailed to students in December for the following academic year. If you do not receive the mailing, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at to request application materials. The application deadline is May 11. We will send mail to the mailing address on file in the registrar‘s office while you are on leave.  

Before you leave campus, you must give the Student Mail Room your forwarding address. If you do not notify the mailroom of your forwarding address before you leave campus, all of your mail will be returned to sender. You can either go to the mailroom or send an email to If you give the mailroom a forwarding address, all first class mail will be forwarded for the first 30 days. The mailroom will not forward any packages. After 30 days, your mailbox will be closed and all of your mail will be returned to sender.

Your PRESTO account (as well as your Oberlin e-mail account) stays active while you are away; please check it periodically for official messages. You will be able to register online while you are away. You will receive an email in mid-October about spring semester course registration and/or in late March about fall semester course registration. All registration materials will be posted to Blackboard; the email will be your reminder to go to Blackboard to download the materials. No materials will be mailed (via U.S. Mail) to you unless you will not have internet access while you are away. If this is the case, or if you have questions or concerns registration, please contact

All students on leave who anticipate registering for housing must keep their Oberlin e-mail accounts current.  All students will receive an e-mail with information about registration and access to the web based registration system is through your OC e-mail account.

For all other students, Housing Registration will be available from the Residential Education website in late-February. All students will be updated on housing registration through their OCMail accounts.

Students on academic leave will receive credit for the semester(s) away in the semesters in residency calculation. Email or call 440-775-8472 with any housing questions. To live and/or dine OSCA, contact the OSCA office directly, 440-775-8108 or email