An Oberlin-affiliated program is one which has been nominated by an academic department or program and approved by the Off-Campus Study Committee.

Eligible students may apply Oberlin and federal aid to these programs. Programs recognized by the Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA) are considered affiliated programs. Information about the application of the GLCA Tuition Remission Exchange benefit is available at the Costs and Financial Aid section of this website.

The Off-Campus Study Committee, with appropriate departmental input, has carefully reviewed the list of Oberlin-affiliated Programs. The programs on our affiliated list represent geographic, academic, disciplinary and program diversity. Occasionally, a student may wish to request that institutional aid be applied to a non-affiliated program. This request is made through the study away application to the Off-Campus Study Committee, who will consider approval of non-affiliated program applications on the basis of compelling academic reasons, including the strength of the academic program, its administrative structure (housing, health and safety issues, etc.) and on the rationale presented by the student. Students should also meet with a Study Away Advisor in Peters 205 prior to submitting a non-affiliated program application.  

International and domestic Oberlin-affiliated programs