Approved by Student Union Board Dec. 2, 2015 & Feb. 10, 2016

Information Required to be Printed on Tickets

  • Event Title
  • Venue
  • Event Date & Time
  • Price {OCID / non-OCID}
  • Ticket #
  • Sponsor

Required Ticket Specifications

  • Standard size: 5.5” wide x 2" high
  • All tickets must be professionally numbered in prominent font size and contrast.
  • Each performance must have a different colored ticket.
  • Tickets must be professionally printed on card stock. 

General Policies

  1. Any active chartered student organization or College department may sell tickets at the Wilder Information Desk.
  2. The Wilder Information Desk charges a service fee of $10 or 3.5% of total sales (whichever is greater) for each performance. This fee will automatically be billed to the organization account after the event has taken place.
  3. The Wilder Information Desk limits the number of tickets purchased per OCID to four, unless otherwise specified.
  4. Price differentials are permitted (but not required) on two planes:
    • Time-based price differentials: Advance and Day of Show.
    • I.D.-based price differentials: OCID and non-OCID.
    • Tickets that state other price differentials may not be accepted.
  5. For programs with ticket availability tied to attendance at other events (for example, if participation in an educational event is required before purchasing a ticket to Drag Ball), the full list of event dates, times, and locations is due before the tickets go on sale.  Alternatively, cash boxes can be requested in order to sell tickets at the events.
  6. Organization representatives are not permitted to add to or take from the tickets being sold at the Wilder Information Desk. ALL ticket changes must go through Tom Reid in Wilder 111.
  7. All comp tix are to be pulled off the back of the regular numbered tickets before they go on sale!

  1. The physical tickets and the purple Wilder Information Desk Ticket Sales Request Form are due one week before the show.  Please note that the purple form is used to request the SALE of tickets, NOT the printing of tickets.
  2. The Wilder Information Desk Events Log Form is due one week before the tickets go on sale, and at least two weeks before the program.  Please provide us with a description of your event so that the Wilder Information Desk staff can answer questions from prospective ticket buyers. The Information Desk staff will add verified events to the white board on the back wall.
  3. Whether tickets are delivered to the Student Union office by the sponsoring organization or by Central Ticket Services (or Printing Services) staff, it is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to verify the accuracy of the tickets before they are placed on sale.
  4. Each student organization will be given one Get Out Of Jail Free card (it won’t be an actual card) per academic year for failure to meet these deadlines.  If an organization fails to meet these deadlines after exhausting their Get Out Of Jail Free card, they will be offered the opportunity to reserve tables and request cash boxes to sell their tickets.
  5. On-sale dates for tickets sold at the Wilder Information Desk may not be announced until the tickets are already on sale, unless a specific on-sale date has been arranged.  We will e-mail the person in charge once tickets have been put on sale, after which they can spread the word.
    • When a specific on-sale date is arranged (and eligible to be announced in advance), an additional fee of $60 will be charged to cover the cost of additional staffing to handle the rush.  

  • A ticket summary showing the number of tickets sold per performance will be sent to the organization within a month after the event has taken place. (Organization representatives may contact the Wilder Information Desk for current ticket sales information.)

  • 1 hour before the performance, the Information Desk staff will begin a wait list.  This is limited to a patron who is physically present plus one guest.  Patrons may not reserve waitlist tickets over the phone.
  • At the time at which ticket wording indicates that the ticket is void, the Wilder Building Monitor will go to Main Lounge.  The Monitor will instruct the usher to temporarily not allow anyone in the house, including those with a ticket.  The Monitor and stage manager will count the empty seats and the Information Desk will sell that number of wait list tickets.  At that time, no one else with a ticket will be admitted.  They were too late and will not be refunded.
  • When the Monitor returns to the desk and tells the Desk Attendant how many tickets to sell, the Desk Attendant will call off the first people from the wait list and sell them wait list tickets (provided by the Information Desk) at the day of show price.  
  • All door sales must be done at the Information Desk cash register.  There should NOT be a cash box for wait list sales in Main Lounge.
  • Waitlist tickets are not to be sold before the designated seating time.
  • Patron seating is not permitted in the balcony.
  • Example of wording which must be present in order to sell waitlist tickets:

  • Remaining tickets should be picked up approximately one hour before the program, by the person indicated on the purple Wilder Information Desk Ticket Sales Request Form.
  • Ticket sales summary sheets are removed from the ticket log book only by supervisors.  Originals cannot be given to patrons.