Information/Literature tables are a free service that is provided to support sales or the distribution of literature in Wilder Student Union and Wilder Bowl.

The service operates under the following guidelines:

General Information

This service is available only to support events sponsored by an Oberlin College chartered student organization, residence hall, department, or committee. Each organization is responsible for insuring the adherence of their representatives to these guidelines.

Scheduling Information

Advanced Scheduling

  1. Scheduling is handled by the Student Union Scheduling Office (Wilder 111).
  2. Tables available per day:
    • THREE: Basement hall adjoining mailroom (card tables only are permitted),
    • ONE: Wilder Lobby (card or 8' tables are permitted), or
    • FIVE: Wilder Bowl (card tables only).
  3. The maximum number of days per week that can be scheduled by a single group is two days.
  4. A single group can only schedule one table per day.

Same Day Scheduling

If tables are needed more frequently than the limits mentioned above, or if an organization has not made prior scheduling arrangements, a table for the same day's use may be requested as a "walk-up".

(Such requests are made directly at the Wilder Information Desk and are subject to the same policies and space limitations.)

  1. If your group is scheduled for Wilder basement or Wilder Bowl, the group is responsible for the set-up and the return of their own card table and chairs. The table (and 2 chairs) is checked out by leaving an OCID at the Information Desk. Failure to return such furniture to the Information Desk may result in a replacement charge.
  2. If your group is scheduled for Wilder lobby, an 8' table and two chairs will be set up in advance by the Wilder staff.
  3. Other Wilder furniture is not to be used to support information/literature tables (e.g. Snack Bar chairs, etc.).
  4. Only Wilder Hall owned equipment can be used. A group is not permitted to set up their own equipment.

  1. All information/literature table users must register at the Wilder Information Desk before setting up.
  2. If a group does not pick-up their table by their reserved time, it will be assumed that group no longer wishes to use the service. The reservation will be canceled, and the space may be reassigned.

  1. Organizations planning to have items for sale at their table must indicate that when reserving their table.
  2. Proceeds from such sales must be for the benefit of an Oberlin College organization.
  3. For security reasons, it is recommended that such proceeds be collected and deposited through the Wilder Cashbox Service.

Inside Tables 
  1. Basement tables must be set up on the south wall of the main corridor. Tables must not be placed inside the mailroom, not be set near the mailroom entrance door or in front of the back delivery door of the Rathskeller. Lobby tables must be set in the northwest alcove.
  2. No group shall be allowed to post signs, etc. on painted surfaces behind or around their table space. Each organization will be held responsible for any damage to the table and/or area surrounding their table. At the end of the event, each organization is responsible for cleaning up any litter found in the surrounding area.
  3. All groups must confine their activities to the immediate area behind or beside their tables (i.e. stay within a 3' radius of their table). Users are not permitted to block the public hallways or doorways. Groups may not distribute literature except from the area of their table. Participants may not leaflet in other areas of the building or in Wilder Bowl without a registered table. Groups may not distribute literature in the hallways outside of a meeting room unless the event organizer (in the meeting room) has given prior permission in writing to the SUO.
  4. If music is to be played at the table, then the volume of the music must be kept low so as not to disturb other building patrons.
Outside Tables 
  1. Tables reserved for inside Wilder may move outside if good weather permits (only card tables).
  2. If weather conditions become inclement, users may either return to their reserved space in the building or return their table to the Information Desk.
  3. Tables may be set up on the sidewalks in Wilder Bowl that are just outside of the front of Wilder. Tables may not be set up so as to block entrance to the building (e.g. tables must be at least 30 feet from the South basement mailroom doors).
  4. All groups must confine their activities to the immediate area of their table. Representatives should stay within approximately three feet of their tables.
  5. Organizations that need special set up equipment must make advanced arrangements with the SUO (e.g. extension cords).

  1. Users must follow requests made by Wilder building staff, e.g. users must reduce the volume of music being played, or relocate their table, if asked to do so.
  2. Users who violate these policies and procedures may lose their opportunity to use Wilder services in the future.
  3. Violations of these policies or procedures may result in the contacting of Campus Security. Users may be asked to leave the premises until such time as they can follow the stated policies and procedures.
  4. In the event of serious violations of these policies or procedures, charges may be filed through the college judicial system.
  5. In all parts of this policy statement the term "representative(s) and "user(s)" shall mean Oberlin College students or staff.