Advanced Scheduling

  • Advanced Scheduling is done through the Student Union Office, Wilder 111 M-F 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1-4:30 p.m. "Advanced" is any reservation made earlier than 48 hours prior to the event.
  • Multiple reservations are encouraged for regularly scheduled meetings. "Multiple" reservations are those that are planned far in advance and follow any pattern. (once a month, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Verbal or telephone requests are not accepted in advance. All requests must be made in writing. E-mail written requests are happily accepted.
  • Sponsors are encouraged to submit written requests in lieu of telephoning to check availability. Student Union Office staff is able to check current availability of a lounge but cannot guarantee it will be available when the written request reaches the queue.
  • All lounges are assigned on a first-come-first serve basis in the order written requests are received.
  • All requestors are sent a written confirmation via campus mail.

Walk-up Scheduling

  • The Wilder Info Desk does last-minute or "Walk-up" scheduling. (Walk-ups are those requests within 48 hours of the event.)
  • Verbal and telephone requests are accepted at the Info Desk.
  • One-time meetings of groups are accepted and "Ad-hoc" is used as the sponsoring organization.
  • Study Groups of two or more persons may schedule Wilder Lounges with the sponsoring organization "Study Group" used. Single person study groups are not permitted due to the large quantity of requests submitted for the small quantity of lounges available.
  • The following locations and events are not available for walk-up scheduling:
    1. Wilder Main Lounge
    2. Dionysus
    3. Wilder Bowl & Porch
    4. Events involving alcohol
    5. Sale Tables
    6. Events involving set-ups and A.V. equipment
    7. Kitchenettes
    8. Access to Lounges
  • Access to reserved lounges is secured by attaining the key from the Wilder Info Desk. Keys are exchanged for valid campus I.D. cards. Wilder staff does not open lounge doors for sponsors.

Academic classes are limited to M-F 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Alcohol is permitted in Wilder Lounges as long as the Campus Alcohol Policy is followed, and the Student Union Office and the Alcohol Officer on campus have been alerted. No alcohol is permitted in the hallways or outside areas of Wilder. {See Alcohol Policy}

  • All equipment requests should be made 24 hours in advance. Last minute requests should be addressed to the Building Monitor at the Wilder Info Desk and are honored on a case-by-case basis depending upon staff and equipment availability.
  • Tables, chairs, podiums, coat racks, etc. are available free of charge, pending availability.
  • The Student Union rents the following A.V. equipment at a minimal rental fee:
    1. TV/VCR/DVD
    2. Slide Projector
    3. Overhead Projector
  • A.V. equipment rented from the Student Union is set-up and tested by Student Union Staff in advance.
  • Sound equipment is available through Concert Sound. Concert Sound equipment is rented with an operator only.

  • ExCo class requests are not processed until after ExCo registration takes place.
  • ExCo instructors are encouraged to schedule multiple class times in the beginning of the semester rather than waiting to schedule weekly.

Wilder 112 & 215 are equipped with small kitchenettes. Use of kitchenettes must be requested in advance through the Student Union Office.

Theater, Dance, and Improv rehearsals are only permitted in Wilder 202, 204, 328, and 404 (404 only when the bands are not rehearsing).

  • Special setups are available in Wilder 112 & 115. Setups should be requested 24 hours in advance through the Student Union Office. Setups that exceed the fire code for the room will not be honored.
  • Groups are not permitted to move or remove lounge furniture. All lounges are to be left as they are found. Lounges that are moved or found in disarray are reset by Wilder Staff at the expense of the sponsor.

  • All advanced reservations must be sponsored by a Student Organization (Chartered or Charter Pending) or a Campus Department.
  • Newly forming groups may sponsor three (3) meetings with the sponsor "Guidelines" before submitting a charter and attaining "Charter Pending" status.
  • Study groups and non-chartered groups may sponsor walk-up meetings by scheduling at the Wilder Info Desk two (2) days prior to the event.
  • Off-campus groups must schedule through Conference Services.