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Obie Leaders Program

The Obie Leaders Program is Oberlin's pilot leadership development workshop series for the Spring of 2023. It includes five flagship workshops based on the Social Change Model and SALT Model of leadership development. Students who attend all five workshops throughout the semester will receive a leadership certification to be used on their resumes and leadership skills to serve them in and beyond Oberlin. Check out more information about our workshops below. 

The Language of Leadership: Who Leads and How

This workshop focuses on creating a common language for leadership. Students will learn about how theories and definitions of leadership have shifted over time to become more inclusive and less positional. They will create their own personal definition of leadership, define their leadership style, and set intentions for areas of growth to learn more about leadership in the future. 

February 13th, 5-7 pm in Wilder 215

Authentic Leadership: Who You Are is How You Lead

This workshop focuses on the personal/individual level of the Oberlin Student Leadership Model. Students will tell their own stories and reflect on how their identities, values, and passions inform the way they interact with leadership. Students will engage in a variety of activities to unlock their leadership stories, create mission statements, and build self-awarenss around leadership highs and lows. 

February 27th, 5-7 pm in Wilder 215

Collaborative Leadership: Relationships & Trust-Building

This workshop focuses on the group/team level of the Oberlin Student Leadership Model. Students will build skills for working one on one and in a group setting with others. They will develop methods for engaging with differences, building awareness around power dynamics, and much more. 

March 27th, 5-7 pm in Wilder 215

Purposeful Leadership: Challenge, Conflict, and Support

This workshop focuses on the organizational level of the Oberlin Student Leadership Model. Students will learn more about setting missions and building equitable coalitions around a common purpose. They engage in conversations about the ways power and privilege set leadership agendas and brainstorm methods for systems challenging in their leadership agendas. They will also discuss methods for engaging in conflict across differences. 

April 10, 5-7 pm in Wilder 215

Leadership for Social Change: Becoming Citizens and Activists

This final workshop will culminate in discussion of the society/community level of the Oberlin Student Leadership Model. Students will take a broad scope look at leadership in society. Students will consider the causes and issues that inspire their passion for social change leadership, consider equitable and inclusive methods for pursuing this change, and take a critical look at the way leadership can leave out important voices. 

April 24, 5-7 pm in Wilder 215

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If you have missed a workshop this semester and still want to participate, reach out to Director of Student Leadership, Jess Gorgas to ask a question or set up a meeting!