Sharbani Bhattacharjee


  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics

Areas of Study


  • PhD, applied economics, Auburn University, 2022 (Auburn, Alabama)

  • MA, economics, Auburn University, 2017 (Auburn, Alabama)

  • MSc, applied economics, Presidency University, 2013 (Kolkata, India)

  • BSc, economics (Honors) with mathematics & statistics, University of Calcutta, 2011 (Kolkata, India)


Sharbani Bhattacharjee conducts research in the fields of international economics, economic history, development economics, and applied microeconomics. Her current research focuses on the role of path dependence in understanding the various aspects of economic development and underdevelopment in developing economies and its lessons for development more generally. Drawing evidence from the Indian economic history during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, she studies how British colonial policies and institutions played a pivotal role in determining the growth trajectory of the Indian economy. Specifically, she examines the impact of the trade protectionist policy during the interwar period on India’s industrial development, technological changes and its diffusion in the Indian cotton textile industry, and the effect of high mortality shocks due to epidemics on population dynamics, health and economic outcomes.  

She also has experience in business and data analytics. She served as a Business Analyst at a consulting firm in India where she worked on developing and validating credit-risk models for various US banks.  

  • International economics
  • Economic history
  • Development economics
  • Applied microeconomics

Spring 2024

Principles of Economics — ECON 101
Seminar: Comparative Economic Development — ECON 413

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