Executive Functioning Program

Student Academic Success Programs (SASP) offers programming for students needing support with executive functioning skills. Students who struggle with executive functioning skills often have trouble with organizational tasks such as creating a plan for the week, prioritizing tasks, responding to emails, and breaking down an assignment into smaller pieces.

We provide skill building and guidance through our Executive Functioning Tutors. These are Oberlin students who are hired by SASP staff based on their interest in helping other students with organizational strategies. These tutors have demonstrated their ability to navigate their own executive functioning challenges and find strategies that work well for them and others.

Tutors meet weekly with SASP staff to participate in and receive training on a variety of topics. Any Oberlin student who’d like to become an executive functioning tutor should contact Anna Brandt, anna.brandt@oberlin.edu .

Executive Functioning Programming

Oberlin students who want to develop their organizational and time management skills, and learn strategies for working remotely, can take advantage of the following offerings:

Students interested in connecting one-on-one with an EF Tutor can click the following link and pick the day and time that works best for them:  https://bit.ly/2GGr2tV

We are offering the following workshops this semester:

June 20th at 2 PM EDT (Zoom): "Welcome back, sophomores! Strategies for returning to Oberlin", Register here: https://bit.ly/3pNUjXp

July 11th at 2 PM EDT (In-person): "Balancing summer priorities: How to get work done when summer is so fun!", Register here: https://bit.ly/3gg2QiK

July 18th at 2 PM EDT (Zoom): "Scheduling and Google Calendar 101", Register here: https://bit.ly/3x6yN2G 

August 24th at 12 PM EDT (Zoom): "Preparing for the end of the semester: Resources & strategies", Register here:  https://bit.ly/3iN3175



Executive Functioning Tutors