Sarah Rabbitt

  • Assistant Professor of Psychology

Areas of Study


  • BA, Harvard College, 2002
  • MS, Yale University, 2008
  • MPhil, Yale University 2009
  • PhD, Yale University 2012


My research interests fall within two general areas in clinical psychology. First, I have a long-standing interest in disruptive behavior problems, including Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder, in children and adolescents. I am particularly interested in parenting-based interventions and expanding access to effective treatments for children with behavior problems.

Second, my recent work has focused on using technology and other non-traditional treatments to expand the reach of mental health care services. My research experience has included a randomized controlled trial that evaluated two different internet-based treatments for children with conduct problems.

In addition, I have conducted multiple survey studies to better understand parental attitudes toward nontraditional treatments (e.g., animal-assisted therapy) and technologically innovative approaches to treatment (e.g., use of social robots in treatment).