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Why support ORSL

In a world in which religion continues to play a powerful and pivotal role, from international relations to national and community issues to individual lives, it is crucial that educational institutions of excellence foster in the leaders of tomorrow an awareness of the vital connections between the intellect and the human spirit, the mind and the soul.

As modern migrations and technology have made our world smaller, so all the great religions of the world are here at Oberlin and seek our respect, appreciation, and support.

National studies and our own data here suggest that interest in spirituality is on the rise among college students, and many students expect that their college will not only help them understand and engage the world they will go on to lead but that college will help them wrestle with their personal questions about meaning, purpose, spirituality and ethics.

Belonging to religious communities and participating in spiritual life greatly enhances the well-being of the whole person, and so is desperately needed in our complex and conflicted world.

Oberlin has an especially strong tradition in this regard, and we gratefully welcome your support of its future.

Contributions to the religious, educational, service, and social justice work of the Office of Spirituality and Dialogue—which are tax deductible—may be made by check payable to Oberlin College with “Campus Ministry Fund” in the memo line and sent to:

Director of the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life
Oberlin College
Wilder Hall 217 
135 W. Lorain St.
Oberlin, OH 44074

Your support of the vital work of our office is greatly appreciated. In addition, support for particular programs can include “Catholic Fund,” “Jewish Fund,” “Muslim Fund,” or “Protestant Fund” on the memo line.