Theological Education

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life (ORSL) seeks to encourage and support Oberlin students and alumni considering graduate education in religion, theology, and religious leadership, including those who may be discerning a call to professional religious leadership.

As religious professionals, ORSL staff and affiliates are knowledgeable about many opportunities for graduate theological education. We enjoy helping students and alumni consider which programs might be the best matches for their goals, connecting them with scholarships and denominational credentialing bodies, and supporting them with reference letters and networking opportunities. We also provide opportunities for spiritual formation that can aid in the discernment process.

Students and alumni interested in theological education or discerning a vocation to religious leadership are encouraged to express these interests to ORSL staff and affiliates at the earliest possibly opportunity.

ORSL staff and affiliates can help guide students and alumni toward coursework and other opportunities (e.g., leadership positions, study-away programs, internships, and volunteer opportunities) that can enhance their preparation. ORSL serves as a resource center for information, catalogs, and application materials from graduate theological schools, and admissions officers of these schools regularly contact ORSL seeking to meet promising potential applicants.

Students and alumni are encouraged to work with ORSL, the religion department, and the Career Development Center, as three valuable resources for shaping their academic and career plans. Many Oberlin alumni have gone on to lead significant careers in religion and allied fields, and we take special joy in stewarding this tradition of Oberlin leadership in spiritual life.