Remote Enrollment

Oberlin College and Conservatory Spring 2021 Remote Enrollment Policies

Students who enroll remotely will not be permitted to access campus building or practice spaces, since they will not participate in the testing protocol. 

College policy requires that students who choose remote enrollment live further than a fifty-mile radius from campus. Students, including graduate students and commuter students, who qualify for a housing and/or dining exemption must apply in advance to be excused from this requirement.

In light of the later start date for the spring semester, the deadline to request remote enrollment for spring 2021 without a fee has been extended to January 5. There will be a late filing fee of $300 for requests made after January 5. The Office of the Registrar sent students the remote enrollment request form by email. Students may also write to from their Oberlin email account to request the link to the form.

If you enroll remotely, the housing and dining charges will be removed from your bill. Enrolling remotely directly impacts your financial aid, as it will be adjusted to reflect the change in your housing and dining expenses. If you have questions about how remote enrollment impacts your financial aid, please contact the financial aid office.

As a student who is studying remotely, please keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Students studying remotely may register for Arts and Sciences courses identified as remote, hybrid/remote-accessible, or in-person/remote-accessible. (For additional details, see chart on the Office of the Registrar’s class schedules page.) You can search for “instructional method” in “Browse Schedule of Classes.”
  • For information about enrolling remotely in Conservatory courses, please contact the instructor or the Conservatory Office of the Associate Deans.

Students who enroll remotely may wish to discuss any degree progress questions with their advisors or staff in the Academic Advising Resource Center or the Conservatory Office of the Associate Deans.

International students should consult with Josh Whitson, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Oberlin’s International Student Resource Center, to understand visa and immigration regulations that relate to remote enrollment.