Office of the Registrar

Enrolled Not in Residence (ENR)

Enrolled Not in Residence (ENR) generally applies to students who are participating in programs sponsored by individual departments of Oberlin College: the Danenberg Oberlin-in-London Program and the Oberlin-in-Italy Program.

Students wishing to participate in these programs apply directly to the appropriate academic department in consultation with their academic advisor. In the case of double-degree and conservatory students, consult with the conservatory associate dean. Once a student is accepted to the program, students must file Enrolled Not in Residence forms with the appropriate office. Credits earned in these programs are internal Oberlin credits and no transfer of credit is involved.

Under special circumstances, students may arrange for independent study in appropriate off-campus locations. This independent study status is limited to students who have completed two or more semesters at Oberlin. Such independent study is arranged with and overseen by Oberlin faculty members and is approved in advance by the registrar for students in the College of Arts and Sciences and by the conservatory associate dean for advising and retention for Oberlin Conservatory students. This status is normally granted for less than full-time study.

Students pay Oberlin College tuition for this work, which must be completed within a specified semester. Deadlines for application for the following semester are the first Friday in December for a spring program and the first Friday in May for a fall program. In both types of Enrolled Not in Residence, students’ matriculation deposits will be refunded upon graduation. Students are responsible for notifying the appropriate offices of any change in plans and face forfeiture of their matriculation deposits if such notice is not given.