Raymond Scattone


  • Visiting Professor of Environmental Studies

Areas of Study


  • BA, economics & political science, University of Delaware

  • MA, public policy studies, Johns Hopkins University

  • PhD, urban affairs & public policy, University of Delaware


I am very happy to be at Oberlin College with its emphasis on quality undergraduate education.  I bring twenty years of teaching experience with me, having taught in a science, technology and society program at Rochester Institute of Technology, an environmental studies program at Florida International University and an energy and environmental policy program in the University of Delaware's Biden School of Public Policy & Administration.  My teaching specialties include sustainable development, political economy of the environment, and technology, the environment and society.

My research interests are in the areas of climate change policy (mitigation and adaptation), urban studies (brownfields redevelopment, gentrification, and smart cities), sustainability (looking at its actualization via policy), and energy policy.  I focus on how the impacts of environmental burdens and their policy solutions relate to environmental justice communities, public participation and socio-economically vulnerable populations.

Spring 2023

Environment and Society — ENVS 101
Environmental Policy — ENVS 208
Environmental Policy — POLT 208

Fall 2023

Exploring Climate Justice — FYSP 115
Environmental Policy — ENVS 208
Environmental Policy — POLT 208
The Social and Environmental Consequences of Technology — ENVS 221