Peter Chutcharavan


  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Geosciences

Areas of Study


  • PhD, University of Florida, 2020
  • BS, University of Michigan, 2014


I am a paleoceanographer who uses the geologic record to study past evidence of rapid sea level and climate change. I use coastal sedimentary archives such as cave deposits and fossilized coral reefs to improve our ability to predict how quickly (and by how much) sea level will rise in the coming decades and centuries due to human-caused climate change.

  • paleoceanography
  • sea-level change
  • isotope geochemistry
  • carbonate sedimentology

Spring 2022

Coral Reefs: Biol, Geol & Polt — GEOL 115H
Earth's Environments — GEOL 120
Oceanography — GEOL 161