Through its grant program, the Oberlin Center for Languages and Cultures helps faculty and students connect courses and events across programs and departments. In addition, the OCLC will be sponsoring course clusters and year-long themes. 

Read below about themes and clusters the OCLC has sponsored in the past.

Brazil (Fall 2012-Spring 2016)

The OCLC secured funding to increase the presence of Brazil and the Portuguese language on the Oberlin campus, strengthen the connections between Oberlin and Brazilian institutions, and better prepare the Oberlin student body for a world in which Brazil will, for the foreseeable future, be a major player in economic, political, and cultural terms. 

The Oberlin Brazil Project continues through Spring 2016. Isadora Grevan de Carvalho, Visiting Assistant Professor of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, is teaching two sections of Portuguese in Fall 2014, Elementary (Port 101) and Intermediate (Port 102), assisted by this year’s FLTA, Jaqueline Ristau.

Along with the second levels of the Elementary and Intermediate sections, the Spring 2015 semester brings exciting courses about the culture and history of Brazil: Port 320: Postcolonial Explorations of the Afro-Luso-Brazilian Triangle, and Port 330: The Sounds of Brazil: From Samba to Bossa Nova. Both courses will be taught in English by Isadora Grevan, and Port 330 will include an additional conversation in Portuguese.

Photography, History, Memory (Fall 2012)

Documenting Violence: Photography, History, Memory (a three-day colloquium): Two lectures, two film screenings and a faculty panel, serving classes in Hispanic Studies, Sociology, Art History, Cinema Studies, History, German, and East Asian Studies.

Bertolt Brecht & Weimar (Spring 2013)

This spring, classes in the German, history, theater, and dance departments will be addressing Bertolt Brecht and Weimar Germany: GERM 433 - The Literature and Culture of the Weimar Republic: Aesthetic and Politics of the Avantgarde (Sonja Boos); HIST 317 - Politics and Culture in the Weimar Republic/Politik und Kultur in der Weimarer Republik (Ari Sammartino); THEA 300 - Acting 3 (Heather Anderson Boll)

Tango (Spring 2013)

Ana Cara (Hispanic Studies) and Ann Cooper Albright (Dance) collaborated with their classes to put on a Queer Milonga  as a part of the Year of the Queer. Cara also collaborated with Claire Solomon (Hispanic studies), Jennifer Fraser (ethnomusicology), and Ivana Di Siena (Italian) and their classes to bring tango musicians to campus.

Realism (Fall 2013-Spring 2014)

The Allen Memorial Art Museum’s overarching theme for the 2013-2014 academic year is Realism, and the OCLC is actively involved in supporting this theme and highlighting it throughout the curriculum. To read more about the AMAM’s focus on realism, take a look at their Fall 2013 newsletter .