For Faculty

The OCLC and CILC provide support for all Oberlin faculty who teach languages, including faculty who are not primarily language teachers but wish to incorporate languages other than English into their classes through the Languages Across the Curriculum program.

In addition to the wide variety of teaching resources and advice available at the Cooper International Learning Center, the OCLC and CILC organize regular pedagogy workshops for both faculty and students. These centers also gather information on the language and cultural competencies of students and faculty that can be mobilized to support on-campus learning.

For Students

Teaching a language is one of the best ways to learn it. Oberlin offers terrific opportunities for students interested in sharing the languages they speak with others, pursuing a career in education, giving back to the community, or exploring the theory and practice of language pedagogy.

Students enrolled in EDUA 101 Language Pedagogy: The Theory & Practice of Teaching and Learning Languages, participate in a practicum component that allows them to work as language teachers or tutors on campus or in the community.

The Spanish in the Elementary Schools (Oberlin SITES)  program allows some 50 students every semester to teach Spanish to all classrooms K-5 in the Oberlin school district.

Many students work as language tutors and teachers through other programs, including America Reads, Languages of Oberlin College and the Oberlin High School (LOCOHS), and the Immigrant Worker Project.

Finally, the Departments of Hispanic Studies, Russian, German, French, and the East Asian Studies Program offer opportunities for advanced students to work as tutors and conversation teachers.