Local Candidates and Ballot Issues

The Oberlin Community Candidates Night 2020 (OCCN) video series provides a nonpartisan look at local candidates and ballot issues.

Election Video Series

They are a series of 10 recorded conversations on Zoom without an audience. The videos are designed to help you understand the races and issues that receive less media attention than the presidential election, but have great importance to our local community: the state legislature, judges, county commissioners, U.S. Congress, local school issues, and more.

The OCCN video series is now available to provide information to as many voters as possible prior to voting.

Watch the series or select a topic of your choice:

Judge Court of Appeals, 9th District
Lorain County Commissioners
Lorain County Prosecuting Attorney
Lorain County Recorder
State Representative, 56th District
U.S. Congress, 4th District
Issue 24: Lorain County Children Services (renewal levy)
Issue 18: Lorain County JVS (renewal levy)
Oberlin City Schools Levies 21, 22 (renewal levies)

Questions? Send email to OCCN representative Alison Ricker, Alison.Ricker@oberlin.edu.

Program Collaborators and Sponsors

OCCN is a nonpartisan collaboration involving the following local organizations:

  • Community Peace Builders
  • First Church in Oberlin
  • United Church of Christ
  • Kendal at Oberlin
  • League of Women Voters Oberlin Area
  • Oberlin College Voter Friendly Campus Coalition
  • Oberlin Community Services
  • Oberlin Friends Meeting
  • Oberlin NAACP 
  • Oberlin Pastors Prayer Fellowship
  • Oberlin Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Social Justice Team