The Oberlin Technology Store accepts Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Obie Dollars, Apple Pay, personal check, money order, bank and cashier's checks as valid forms of payment. We do not accept cash, American Express or other credit cards not mentioned above. Checks and money orders must be for the exact amount of the purchase (including tax).

Information for Students

Student purchases may be charged to a student’s term bill by sending a written request to; charges must be payed off by the end of the semester. For need-based students, other financing options may be negotiated via the Financial Aid office at For both, you must send the student’s T number and an estimate price quote obtained by contacting us at You can place your order with us before contacting these offices; if your financing request is denied you may cancel your order by sending us a copy of the denial.

Information for Faculty/Staff

Faculty and staff may finance through payroll deduction with approval from Human Resources. You must provide them with a written price quote from us. When we receive their approval, we will process your order. Contact for financing details.