The Technology Store offers Tech Store Benefits for professional line notebooks when purchased directly from the Technology Store. Online web orders or orders through other retail outlets are not covered. The Tech Store Benefits provides the following:

  • Extended Warranty: We offer an optional 4-year warranty against manufacturer's defects and accidental damage, including drops and spills. Laptop batteries are warrantied for one year. Six months theft coverage is also included!
  • Laptop Loaner Program: Keep up with papers and social media while manufacturer’s parts may be delayed. If your computer is in our shop for a warranty-covered repair, you may be eligible for a loaner from the Tech Store after a 24 hour waiting period. Loaners are only available for Oberlin student-owned computers covered by the manufacturer's warranty or our Safeware policy, and for repairs performed by CIT. They are not available for repairs due to user damage or software problems. Loaners are subject to availability and not guaranteed to be the same model as the computer in for repair. Loaners must be returned within three days of notification that your computer is ready for pick-up; you may be charged for delayed returns or damage to equipment.
  • Lemon Policy: If your computer has more than two major internal hardware failures in the first six months of ownership, we will replace your machine, no questions asked. We are not responsible for user’s data, only for the computer and operating system. This policy does not cover user damage, software problems, batteries, external power supplies or other external damage. Some software issues, such as viruses and spyware, can cause failure to boot, and appear as hardware problems.

In addition, labor fees are waived on most out-of-warranty repairs on any computer purchased directly from us.

    See our computer Protection Package for details on 4-year warranty with accidental damage protection.

    Please Note: We are not responsible for any data loss.

    If you have any questions about coverage, please contact the Technology Store at or call 440-775-8628 for more information.