Oberlin Arts & Sciences Orchestra Virtual Concert Broadcast

Date, time, location

Tuesday, December 15, 2020
7:30 pm

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Watch the replay from Tropak's Selections from Captain Marvel

Watch the replay from Beethoven's Choral Fantasy, Op. 80

Due to copyright, the Little was not archived.


A broadcasted performance by the Oberlin Arts and Sciences Orchestra conducted by Tiffany Chang '09.

Featuring the University of Rochester Orchestras, conducted by Rachel Waddell, and University of Rochester Chamber Singers, conducted by Julie Covach.

Audio editing by Grammy-winning engineer Stephen Roessner

Video produced by Tiffany Chang


Selections from the Soundtrack of Captain Marvel (2018)    Pinar Toprak (arr. Tiffany Chang)

    I. Main Theme
    II. High Score
    III. This Isn’t Goodbye

Haunted Topography (2013)    David T. Little

With original choreography by Tayfun Zaidi, '24, performed by students of the Oberlin Dance Department

Phoebe Brown, Maeve Dick, Emma Hart, Kendall Heldt, Anne Pinkerton, Tayfun Zaidi 

Choral Fantasy, Op. 80    Ludwig van Beethoven

    Peter Takács, piano
    Caitlin Aloia ‘20, soprano
    Julia Dawson ‘11, soprano
    Rebecca Printz ‘16, mezzo soprano
    Carlos Santelli ‘14, tenor
    Daniel McGrew ‘15, tenor
    Elliott Hines ‘12, baritone

    Verona Quartet, Oberlin Conservatory Quartet-in-Residence

With a virtual choir of over 60 Oberlin students, faculty, parents, staff, and non-Oberlin musicians from around the world, led by Olivia Fink, '21.

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