Piazzolla's bandoneón player to perform at Oberlin

April 18, 2013
Logan Buckley
Renowned tango musicians Cristina Pérsico, singer, Daniel Binelli, bandoneón, and Polly Ferman, piano, will present an evening of intimate tango on Friday, April 26 in Clonick Hall in the Kohl Building beginning at 8:00 pm. Admission is free and open to the public.

Very Close to Home

April 17, 2013
Marvin Krislov
Our hearts go out to the families affected by the bombing at the Boston Marathon. The horror is amplified by the fact that Oberlin has so many ties to Boston.

Oberlin’s Month of Tango

April 15, 2013
Office of Communications
The queer milonga that took place Saturday night in Wilder Main was the culmination of a semester-long collaboration between professors Ann Cooper Albright (dance) and Ana Cara (Hispanic studies), and it was one of several tango-related events occurring during the month of April.

Update on Trespass Policy Controversy

April 10, 2013
Eric Estes
Oberlin College’s trespass policy has come under scrutiny in recent months. College administrators have been listening to and meeting with members of One Town and the community. “Clearly we have some work to do on this issue, and I want to make progress sooner rather than later,” says Dean Eric Estes.