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Serving the Community

April 9, 2014
Marvin Krislov
Working to build a better community for all has been part of Oberlin’s ethos since its founding and I am proud to say that the spirit of serving to make the world a better place for all, is alive and well.

Thanks for Being You

April 2, 2014
Marvin Krislov
I thank all of you in advance for being a welcoming, caring, and engaged community, and I look forward to meeting the students and families who will form Oberlin’s Class of 2018.

Quick Notes on Our Way to Spring

March 19, 2014
Marvin Krislov
I know everyone is quite busy with school work, research, recitals, various events, practices, and sports competitions, so this column is just some quick notes.

Thank You James McBride

March 12, 2014
Marvin Krislov
James McBride’s March 5 Convocation was magical, thought-provoking, and uplifting. From start to finish, it was an astonishing, free-flowing blend of music, literature, history, religion, and warm, personal reminiscence.
President Marvin Krislov and U.S. Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey

One Year Later

March 5, 2014
Marvin Krislov
The teaching, discussions, and actions sparked by last year’s Day of Solidarity continue. We see that in the educational and reflective community building efforts this week, which were created and led by our students. I extend my thanks to all who worked on those projects.
President Marvin Krislov

Our Winter Journey

February 26, 2014
Marvin Krislov
Our recent family trip to Vietnam and Cambodia revealed Oberlin connections of the personal and the intellectual kind.
Marvin Krislov

Could We Talk?

February 19, 2014
Marvin Krislov
For those of you who are not sure exactly what you’re going to do after you march across the stage in Tappan Square and graduate: I have some advice—and a special offer that costs nothing but time.
President Marvin Krislov

Celebrating Our Heritage

February 12, 2014
Marvin Krislov
Oberlin has much to celebrate this month: the appointment of two new academic deans and our legacies of access and mentoring.
President Marvin Krislov

Expanding Opportunities

February 5, 2014
Marvin Krislov
I joined a group of more than 100 college and university presidents from across the country on January 16 for a day-long summit meeting at the White House about the need to launch an action plan for increasing college access and success for low-income and disadvantaged students.


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