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Homecoming Weekend is here!

October 1, 2015
Marvin Krislov
I’m very much looking forward to seeing our alums come back, and to the amazing events—academic, scientific, musical, athletic and social—which will take place.

Working to Improve Campus Security

September 24, 2015
Marvin Krislov
The Presidential Working Group on Campus Security recently shared recommendations to improve safety and security on and off campus, many of which we have already begun to implement.
President Marvin Krislov

No School Quite Like Oberlin

September 3, 2015
Marvin Krislov
As the fall 2015 semester commences, know this: You don’t have to become involved with every club or attend every event to get the most from your Oberlin experience.
Oberlin's president, Marvin Krislov

President’s Desk Q&A: Susan Pavlus, Katie Hayes on Ninde Scholars

May 14, 2015
Marvin Krislov
With Commencement a little more than a week away, I sat down with Susan Pavlus and Katie Hayes of the Bonner Center for Service and Learning to discuss the Ninde Scholars Program. A video about the program was selected as the winner of First Lady Michelle Obama’s national Near-Peer Mentoring Challenge and is the reason Mrs. Obama will address the Class of 2015 at its Commencement ceremony.

Affordability of Higher Education

April 30, 2015
Marvin Krislov
In this column, I share some thoughts on affordability of higher education in general, Oberlin’s tuition situation in particular, and the recent concerns expressed publicly by some students opposing the tuition increase planned for the 2015/2016 academic year.
President Marvin Krislov

Thanks to All Involved in Bringing Michelle Obama to Commencement

April 23, 2015
Marvin Krislov
First Lady Michelle Obama will join Marian Wright Edelman in addressing the Oberlin College Class of 2015 at its Commencement ceremony on Monday, May 25. We are receiving this tremendous honor because a video about our Ninde Scholars program was selected as the winner of the First Lady’s national Near-Peer Mentoring Challenge.


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