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profie of woman with glasses wearing a black sweater and purple flowered blouse.

Q&A with Michele Kosboth

November 14, 2019
Communications Staff
Find out about the director of financial aid’s favorite place on earth (hint: it’s in Maine) and what she wore to her first formal dance in high school.
Josh Matos

Q&A with Josh Matos

November 4, 2019
Communications Staff
As area coordinator for the senior year experience and student conduct coordinator, Matos works in the Office of Residential Education Housing. Find out about Matos' career aspirations at age eight and their favorite movie of all time.


André Douglas

Q&A with André Douglas

October 28, 2019
Communications Staff
As area coordinator for multicultural and identity-based communities, Douglas works in Residential Education and Dining Services. Find out about the best advice he's ever been given and which concert he flew to San Francisco to attend.
photo of Jimmy Bowen

Q&A with Jimmy Bowen

October 21, 2019
Communications Staff
The graduate resident coordinator for theme and identity-based communities works with four residence halls on campus.



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