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A snowy Wilder Bowl

Winter Has Arrived

January 12, 2016
Communications Staff
So long 60-degree days! Winter has finally arrived in Oberlin. Those of us in town can expect more snow showers throughout the week. Snow Emergency Parking Plan information can be found in this...

Let It Snow, Oberlin!

December 22, 2015
Communications Staff
Unseasonably high temperatures have kept Oberlin snow-free so far this December, so we’re making our own winter wonderland using alternative snow! Check it out on the Oberlin College YouTube...

A Yule Ball Waltz

December 17, 2015
Communications Staff
Students celebrated the holiday season and their Harry Potter fandom at the Yule Ball on Friday, December 4, in Robert Lewis Kahn Hall. Hosted by the Oberlin Harry Potter Alliance, the annual...

Students Study Hard as Finals Draw Near

December 15, 2015
Communications Staff
Ever notice how, as finals draw nearer, the number of heads in hands steadily increases? Don’t worry, students, in just a few days, the semester will be over and your winter break will begin!...


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