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Play Like a Girl

February 13, 2017
Communications Staff
In celebration of National Girls and Women in Sports Day, Oberlin College women coaches and athletes hosted more than 100 young girls from Oberlin and the surrounding communities for the third...
A huge concrete wall is covered in graffiti and topped with barbed wire.

Winter term in the Middle East

February 6, 2017
Communications Staff
This graffiti-marked wall was just one of the places Naomi Fireman visited during her winter-term project in the Middle East. “I came here to travel and listen to many different...

Icicle bicycle

January 24, 2017
Communications Staff
It’s simple to navigate Oberlin’s 440-acre campus, and many students, faculty, and staff choose to do so via bicycle. With bike racks in front of most buildings, it can be easy to...


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