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Oberlin Celebrates Juneteenth

June 5, 2014
Office of Communications
The community's celebration of Juneteenth, a holiday symbolizing the end of slavery, will begin on June 8 and end with a festival and picnic on Saturday, June 14.


Summertime Destination

May 20, 2014
Office of Communications
The campus and city will be a hub of activity as Conference Services welcomes new clients.


The Big Parade 2014

May 6, 2014
Communications Staff
Soaring characters, human soup cans, student dance teams, and handcrafted floats filled the streets of Oberlin on Saturday, May 3 for the community's annual Big Parade . What began as an...

Big Parade and Folkfest

April 30, 2014
Communications Staff
Oberlin community residents of all ages will gather on Saturday, May 3 for the 13th annual Big Parade . Beginning at noon at Prospect Elementary School, the parade will travel down West College...


Everything Oberlin

October 9, 2013
Communications Staff
A new mobile app delivers everything Oberlin to the palm of your hand.


Update on Trespass Policy Controversy

April 10, 2013
Eric Estes
Oberlin College’s trespass policy has come under scrutiny in recent months. College administrators have been listening to and meeting with members of One Town and the community. “Clearly we have some work to do on this issue, and I want to make progress sooner rather than later,” says Dean Eric Estes.


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