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Fall Term Finals

December 13, 2016

Office of Communications

As fall semester comes to a close, Mudd Center library's iconic chairs fill with students preparing for final examinations. Known as “womb” chairs in Obie-speak , but actually called...
A student reads, curled up in a ball chair

What’s in Your Backpack?

April 7, 2016

Communications Staff

Senior Elana Meyers sees backpacks just about everywhere on campus: hanging from the backs of chairs, strewn on the library floor, serving as pillows in Wilder Bowl. And seeing so many backpacks made...

Alexia Hudson-Ward Named Director of Libraries

March 25, 2016

Communications Staff

Alexia Hudson-Ward will join the Oberlin community on July 1 as the Azariah Smith Root Director of Libraries. As director, Hudson-Ward will be responsible for the four campus libraries, special exhibits, collection development, technology integration, and space planning and utilization.
Alexia Hudson-Ward


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