Faculty and Staff Notes

Tim Scholl Presents at Symposium

April 30, 2014

Professor of Russian and Comparative Literature Tim Scholl was part of a symposium, sponsored by Princeton University, called “‘Chronicling the Recent Past: Russian Writers on the Post-Soviet Ballet.” He presented a talk entitled “The Choreography of Power: Dance and Politics in Russia," which explored the changing institutional landscape of the arts in Russia, specifically ballet.

Sandra Zagarell Publishes Article

April 23, 2014

Donald R. Longman Professor of English Sandra Zagarell has published an article, “Portrait of a Lady: ‘Not Inclined to be Deamericanised,’” in the Henry James Review. Along with a companion piece which will appear in another publication , this article analyzes James’s 1881 novel as a queer, outsider take on genteel Americans of the era.

Simanti Banerjee Presents Lecture

April 23, 2014

Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics Simanti Banerjee participated in the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis Spring 2014 Colloquia at Indiana University. On March 24, she presented a lecture entitled “Participation and Spatial Coordination in Conservation Incentive Schemes: Role of Transaction Costs and Localized Communication."

Holly Handman-Lopez Leads Students to Conference

April 14, 2014

Holly Handman-Lopez, visiting assistant professor of dance, led a group of ten students to the American College Dance Festival Association's Northeast Conference at the College of Brockport in New York, from March 13 to 16. Students took classes in ballet, Paul Taylor technique, improvisation, composition, percussion, release technique, tap, and hip hop. They attended numerous concerts of student, faculty and guest artist work.

Maureen Peters Presents with Students

April 14, 2014

Several fourth-year biology students attended the Ohio Physiology Society Annual Meeting at the Northeast Ohio Medical University this Fall with Associate Professor of Biology Maureen Peters. These included members of her lab, Nelson (Trip) Freeburg, Phoebe Hammer, Sam McCright and a member of Associate Professor of Biology Taylor Allen's lab, Helen Rich. The students presented posters describing their respective research projects, while Peters presented a talk entitled "As the Worm Turns: Understanding How an Intestinal Calcium Wave Elicits a Motor Program." Several students received recognition for their work. Phoebe Hammer '14 was awarded a Poster Presentation Prize. Nelson (Trip) Freeburg and Sam McCright both won the Peter K. Lauf Travel award to fund expenses associated with attending the Experimental Biology annual meeting in San Diego, CA in the spring.

Sarah Hamill Organizes Workshop

April 11, 2014

Sarah Hamill, assistant professor of art history, helped organize a workshop on the photography of sculpture. Sponsored by and held at The Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles, the workshop took place on January 16 and 17. The workshop was written up in VIEWS, the newsletter of the Visual Materials section of the Society of American Archivists.

Kate Jones-Smith Presents with Students

April 11, 2014

Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics Kate Jones-Smith, along with fourth-year physics majors Kathryn Hasz and Jocienne Nelson, recently attended the regional Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics held at Pennsylvania State University, from January 17 to 19. Both students presented the results of their honors research projects (Hasz, "Polarized Analyzed Small Angle Neutron Scattering of Magnetic Nanoparticles," with advisor Professor of Physics Yumi Ijiri and Nelson, "Overtone Spectroscopy of Adsorbed Hydrogen in Metal Organic Frameworks" with advisor Professor of Physics Stephen FitzGerald.) Hasz came in second place for Best Talk at the Conference.

Stiliana Milkova Organizes Seminars

April 10, 2014

Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature Stiliana Milkova organized two two-day seminars on "Frames in Literature and Across the Arts" at the convention of the American Comparative Literature Association at New York University, which ran from March 20 to 23. She also presented a paper on literary frames in Gogol, Tolstoy, and Dostoevsky. 

Steve Crowley Discusses Ukraine

March 19, 2014

Professor of Politics Stephen Crowley has given two radio interviews recently on the situation in Ukraine. On March 19, he discussed developments in that country on WEOL’s Morning Show When asked if his knowledge of the region had allowed him to sense a crisis was coming, Crowley said, “I don’t think anybody predicted exactly what would happen in Ukraine. But there’s always been tension, particularly centered around Crimea, between Russia and Ukraine.” Noting that Crimea had long been a part of Russia and that its populace is overwhelmingly Russian speaking and Russian oriented, Crowley said “Putin and Russia have seen Crimea as a special case” and that he doesn’t expect Russia will press militarily any further into Ukraine. Crowley’s entire interview is archived on the WEOL website. On February 26, Crowley joined two other panelists for a segment on WCPN’s The Sound of Ideas titled “What Next in Ukraine,” which can be accessed on WCPN’s website.”