John Mercer Langston Black Alumni Student Emergency Fund

This fund is a source of financial assistance for currently enrolled Oberlin College students to provide support to students in crisis situations that involve medical emergencies or an unforeseen crisis in the immediate family. Academic expenses are not generally considered.

Emergency Book Fund

Established by the Class of 2000, the fund provides loans to Oberlin College students to purchase books and supplies. Recipients are expected to pay back the loans only when they are financially able. Students may receive a loan for either semester during the academic year, and are eligible to receive more than one award. Loans from the fund are accessible to all students regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or religion.

Emergency Student Loan

Established through the Class of 1995 gift project, this fund provides no-interest loans for low-income students who have exhausted all other options for paying their term bill. Students may apply for a loan once each semester as needed, but they must repay it by the end of that term; any student defaulting on the loan payment will be ineligible for future loans. At the time they apply for loans, students must present a plan for repayment.

*All of these funds are administered through the Office of the Dean of Students, Wilder Hall, Room 105.