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Immigration Act Now

Immigration Action NOW! (IAN) is a series dedicated to recognizing and providing space for immigrant narratives to exist at Oberlin College & Conservatory and Northeast Ohio.

IAN Series uplifts the experiences of immigrant students and community members, and honors their contributions to maintaining OURstories*, passing on and sharing knowledge within our communities, and the preservation of cultural identity. We examine which kinds of programming and courses are already in place to reflect the lives and OURstories* of students who play a part in these narratives and how IAN can work to give them legitimization that often doesn’t come from these academic spaces.

We come to this with an understanding that borders and barriers exist for immigrants in ways that extend beyond a physical border between the US and Mexico, which often strategically becomes the center of conversations around migration and national security. IANSeries encourages visibility of multiple immigrant narratives including, but not limited to people of African, Asian, Latin American, Pacific Islander diasporas.

IAN Series defines standing in solidarity with immigrant communities not only as a matter of immigration itself, but also recognizing and working to support facets of identity which make our experiences complex and enriching. By analyzing topics of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, ability, and class, IAN series challenges the idea of a monolithic immigrant narrative and, instead, embraces the multiple identities impacting immigrant experiences.

In the Fall of 2009, students from La Alianza Latinx and Asian American Alliance created DREAM Act week as a space for student action and support of the DREAM Act (Development, Relief, Education for Alien Minors). In subsequent years the series expanded to encompass a wider scope of urgent immigrant justice work and activism and was renamed Immigration Action Now! Week. Other student organizations like the Filipinx American Student Association and Students of Caribbean Ancestry began contributing to the planning of the series.

We work to uphold this legacy of action within Oberlin as well as immigrant communities across the US for human dignity and respect locally and nationally.

*OURstories: IAN Series Committee 2015 chose to replace history/hxstory/herstory/theirstory to encourage a model of storytelling that is not defined in gendered terms. Additionally, using OURstory calls attention to the multiple immigrant narratives that exist simultaneously.