Multicultural Resource Center

National Institutions Coming Out Day

Statement of Solidarity with respect to students and immigrants at Oberlin*

We the faculty and staff of Oberlin, at a moment of governmental threat and intimidation to immigrant communities in the United States and undocumented students at Oberlin, stand in agreement with President Krislov’s reminder (December 1, 2016) that Oberlin’s “commitment to inclusion has always been, and will continue to be, a fight for justice in the face of social, political, and economic injustice. Undocumented students in the United States have organized with passion, courage, and determination to dismantle barriers related to immigration status on campuses and beyond.”

We declare our solidarity with all our students, including those who are immigrants, refugees, or children of immigrants. As individuals and as members of the Oberlin community, we will not collaborate with federal forces or agencies seeking to establish the legal immigration status of students or facilitate their apprehension or deportation. We support completely their attempts to remain here as students pursuing their college education and their drive to make a better life for themselves and contribute to the future of our country and the world.

*Note: Inspired by a similar statement released at by faculty and staff at Michigan State University. Written by Professor Steve Volk

This statement of solidarity is being released on National Institutions Coming Out Day, coordinated by United We Dream. Please join us during this national day of solidarity by making your own commitments to supporting and advocating for undocumented youth.

United We Dream has outlined several broad commitments that institutions, departments, offices, and educators can make on National Institutions Coming Out Day.  Below are the commitments made by the Multicultural Resource Center in collaboration with the Dean of Students Office and Obies for Undocumented Inclusion. 

Commitment 1Work with undocumented students to start an undocumented student support group or club

Commitment 2: Co-host events on campus with undocumented student groups to increase campus awareness for and of undocumented

  • Host a teach-in and include discussions about the role that racism and criminalization play in deportations of students and families
  • Host a Know-Your-Rights Training for students and families
  • Host a Community Conference

Commitment 3: Make statements and make available basic resources in support of all undocumented students (not only DACA beneficiaries)

  • Compile services and resources on your school’s website where to find trusted information
  • Create an undocumented student resource guide or brochure
  • Participate in National Educators Coming Out Day (NECOD)

Commitment 4: Create safe spaces and events on campus where undocumented students can thrive 

  • Host an UndocuWeek at your school

Commitment 5: Build campus staff and faculty structures to support undocumented students

  • Convene a team of frontline staff at your school
  • Hold professional development trainings at your school*
  • Host discussions and teach-ins that create awareness why and how students and families are caught in the deportation pipeline
  • Develop a plan of action in case a staff member learns that a student has been affected by the recent executive orders including the following: the militarization of the border, Muslim ban, immigration raids, and/or racist attacks

Commitment 6: Provide in-depth campus resources for undocumented students

  • Provide free emotional counseling to undocumented students
  • Ensure the accessibility of institutional aid and scholarships to undocumented students, not solely DACA-beneficiaries
  • Create mentorship programs for undocumented students

Commitment 7: Create sources of financial aid equity for undocumented students

  • Create access to emergency funding for students who’ve been affected by deportation
  • Create a scholarship fund at your institution

Commitment 8: Adopt institutional policies that strive for undocumented students’ overall success

  • Adopt a policy limiting the sharing of student and family information with federal immigration authorities
  • Adopt policy restricting immigration agents access to campus
  • Adopt policy prohibiting campus security from collaborating with federal immigration agents