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Asian and Pacific Islander Diaspora Student Organizations

Asian American Alliance (AAA)

Asian American Alliance is an organization that aims to provide academic, social, and political, and cultural support for Asian Americans of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and heritage and fosters a mutual respect and solidarity among the diverse Asian ethnicities in the US. Please contact for more information:

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As I Am

As I Am is a literary journal that serves as a medium of communication within the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. It seeks to enhance the support structure available to A/PA students by increasing the resources available to them and encouraging respectful dialogue between all members of the community.

Chinese Students Association (CSA)

Chinese Student Association is a social and cultural organization that promotes awareness and interaction surrounding Chinese and Chinese American issues.

Filipinx American Students Association (FASA)

Filipinx American Students Association is an organization for people of Filipino descent and those interested in Filipino and Philippine culture, heritage and issues.

Japanese Students Association (JSA)

Japanese Students Association is an organization for who are of Japanese ancestry or who have an interested in learning more about the political, cultural, and social community.

Oberlin Korean Students Association (OKSA)

OKSA provides educational, political, social, and cultural programs and a support network for members of the Oberlin Korean/Korean American community and also works towards increasing the awareness of the need for Korean Studies at Oberlin.

Pan-Asian Committee

Pan-Asian Committee serves to bring leadership throughout all of the cultural and political Asian and Asian American student groups and individuals together to create greater communication and events that impact the overall Asian and Asian American communities.

South Asian Students Association (SASA)

South Asian Students Association was established to provide a sense of community for students of South Asian heritage, and to provide a forum whereby South Asians can nurture their social, political, religious, and academic goals and aspirations.

Vietnamese Students Association (VSA)

Vietnamese Students Association promotes awareness and interaction surrounding Vietnamese/Vietnamese American issues.


Affiliated Organizations

International Students Organization (ISO)

International Students Organization works closely with the Office of the International Student Advisor to help students make a smooth transition to life in the U.S.


Multi is an inclusive multiracial space that focuses on building community and talking about issues multiracial students face.


Founded in the fall of 2008, Oberlin College Taiko (OCT) aims to share an understanding and appreciation of taiko as both a traditional and contemporary art form. OCT draws on the strengths, experiences and backgrounds of its members and challenges them, individually and as a group, to grow as musicians and performers, as members of the Oberlin community, and as representatives of the larger taiko community.


ZAMI is a welcoming and supportive group for LGBTQ and questioning People of Color. Zami is also engaged in political and social performance venues. In the past, ZAMI was also a space to highlight queer, genderqueer, and questioning people of color through Zami Zine, a collection of art and writing by Oberlin College students and alumni.