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Africana Student Organizations

And What!? performance
Photo credit: Yevhen Gulenko

Abusua (the Ghanian word for ’Clan’) is a black student organization that strives to promote a sense of community for black students on the Oberlin campus. Political activism and cultural unity are emphasized through various social and cultural events and programs throughout the school year which include communications, social and cultural activities, academic affairs and publications. All black students are encouraged to participate in the various facets of Abusua.

African Students Association

The African Students Association’s (ASA) purposes include the following: to enhance and sustain unity among Africans in Oberlin, to coordinate African students’ campus activities, and to act as a coalition-builder with other campus organizations; to join and actively participate in the National African Students’ Association, to identify and promote African cultures, and to encourage participation in the development and affairs of the African continent. ASA also strives to provide a network for prospective African students abroad and at home, as a means of enhancing education, to communicate and cooperate with other organizations of the African Diaspora, and to approach colleges, universities and scholarship foundations for merit scholarships for African students.

And What!?

And What!? is a hip-hop dance troupe that focuses on performance and the elements of hip-hop cultural education, emceeing, deejaying, breakdancing, and graffiti art.

Oberlin Black Scientists Guild

OBSG coordinates and encourages study tables and groups to share support and mechanisms for success among black natural science students. OBSG also gathers and disseminations information regarding science and health opportunities for black students.

Oberlin Conservatory Black Musicians Guild

OCMBMG creates a base of academic, social, musical, and cultural support and guidance for Oberlin Conservatory's black students.

Oberlin Muslim Students Association

MSA provides support for and promotes an educational framework for Muslim students at Oberlin from the U.S. and abroad. This framework provides support for religious, cultural, and educational activities including religious observances, festivals and speakers at Oberlin. MSA also explores and expresses the changing diversity of the Muslim world today.

Students of Caribbean Ancestry

SOCA is an organization in which students from the Caribbean unite to celebrate and honor their ancestry through educational and social events for the campus and community.

Sisters of the Yam

Sisters of the Yam is a discussion and support group for black women at Oberlin College.