Monique Burgdorf

  • Director of Student Wellness Promotion


I have had a lovely 20-plus-year career at Oberlin College. I would characterize my time as a very healthy river that has curved and shifted with both calm and rough waters. As I look back I realize each curve created a rich and fertile switchback system. At every curve in the river, I have attempted to model empathy and humanity to those I encounter, with particular light shining on first generation, low income, students of color, LGBTQ+ and students with disabilities. 

My undergraduate degree is in English literature, and I have a MPA with a focus in public works and environmental studies.

I teach the following LEAD (Learning Enhancement Across the Disciplines) courses: LEAD 110 - Oberlin F1RST, LEAD- 180 Building Habits for Success, and LEAD 185 - Adulting in the New Normal.


Burgdorf, Brandt, and Escobedo Present at Conference

July 12, 2022

Assistant Deans Monique Burgdorf, Anna Brandt, and Brook Escobedo recently presented at the Student Success in Higher Education conference sponsored by NASPA on June 26-28 in Baltimore, MD. Brandt's presentation, "Taking a Holistic Approach to Student Success Through Credit-Bearing Courses," discussed the Learning Enhancement Across the Disciplines (LEAD) program. Burgdorf and Escobedo co-presented on the Brenda Grier Miller Scholars program in a session titled "Building Community and Supporting Retention Through a Low-Cost First-Generation Cohort Program."