Mitchell Scharman

  • Visiting Professor of Geoscience

Areas of Study


  • PhD, University of Texas at El Paso, 2011

  • MS, University of Texas at El Paso, 2006

  • BS, University of Idaho, 2004


I am a structural geologist interested in the roles of strike-slip and extensional structures during orogenic development. 

My research investigates how large- and small-scale geologic structures, such as faults and folds, develop in different tectonic events, especially in relation to ridge subduction, transpression, and orogenic curvature. My work primarily involves field and LiDAR mapping of geologic structures in the field to determine deformation progression. Current research includes 1) development of strike-slip and extensional faults due to pre-existing orogenic curvature in the Iron Mountains, Virginia, and 2) oblique ridge subduction as a mechanism for initiating new strike-slip faults.

Spring 2023

Natural Hazards — GEOS 122
Sustainability and Earth Science — GEOS 127