Matthew Skrzypczyk


  • Lecturer in French

Areas of Study


Matthew Skrzypczyk specializes in 20th and 21st century French and Francophone literature, film and visual arts. His research addresses questions of world-making, sexuality and citizenship in the multi-disciplinary work of Edouard Louis, Maryse Condé, Claire Denis and Josué Azor.

At Oberlin, he teaches French at the beginner and intermediate levels as well as advanced courses that examine the French speaking world and hospitality.

In addition, he has participated in and helped to co-coordinate professional international association events.

Spring 2023

Français élémentaire II — FREN 102
Français intermédiaire II — FREN 206
World-making in French and Francophone Literature — FREN 330

Fall 2023

Français intermédiaire I — FREN 205
Queer Citizenship in French and Francophone Spaces — FREN 207