Mariko Takano

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Japanese

Areas of Study


  • MA, Waseda University in Tokyo, 2011 
  • PhD, modern Japanese literature and culture, University of California Los Angeles, 2020


Mariko Takano received an MA from Waseda University in Tokyo, and a doctorate in modern Japanese Literature and Culture from the University of California Los Angeles. Her dissertation and continuing research focuses on the intersection of literary and art criticism in 20th-century Japan as it relates to the wider global context.

Takano is particularly interested in the histories and critique of the avant-garde movement and the discourse of form and object in Japan.

At Oberlin College, she teaches intermediate and advanced Japanese, postwar Japanese literature, and film and labor in Japanese literature.

Fall 2021

Fantasy in Modern Japanese Literature and Film — EAST 106
Questions in Japans Modern Lit — EAST 338

Spring 2022

Elementary Japanese II — JAPN 102
Advanced Japanese II — JAPN 402