We have collected hundreds of personal narratives from students, alumni, faculty, and staff that explain the merits and strengths of Oberlin through the eyes of those who have experienced it firsthand.
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On Promoting Youth Climate Action

Harriet McSurdy ’23
‘‘Prior to attending Oberlin, I was unaware of the extent and impact of climate change. In the fall as a first-year, I was introduced to research in the environmental studies department and was...

On combining interests in creative writing and environmental studies

Becca Orleans ’16
“In providing a text that shares experiences of running and strength in running, I hope that this collection helps women feel more empowered to openly move throughout the environment.”

On his climate-neutral home in Oberlin

Carl McDaniel ’64
“For almost three decades we imagined building a passive solar house ... After a very intense two years, we moved into Trail Magic, our home among kindred spirits dedicated to creating a more durable...

On creating the Ecology Meditation Mindfulness ExCo

Corey Patrick Harkins ’12
“Each week we intertwined meditation and mindfulness activities into our learning ... we always left with mud on our jeans and smiles on our faces.”

On joining the Great Lakes Research family

Evan Tincknell ’14
“It’s incredible to be engaging with people from whom I am constantly learning, and to be taking academic courses that seem so relevant to my work and the world in general.”

On coordinating the Light Bulb Brigade

Kristin Braziunas ’08
“Ten months, 10,000 light bulbs, and one bachelor’s degree later... this is something that for me has come to define Oberlin.”

On SEED house

Lucas Brown ’09
“Oberlin’s support network made our successes possible. SEED demanded skills like composting, caulking, persuading, public speaking, and econometric analysis, and for each skill we required, we found...

On the opportunity to study in Brazil

Noel Myers ’14
“This internship made me realize how alternative energy and clean water can improve the health of community members and that it is fundamental to their economic development.”

On building a sustainable coalition

Samantha Bass ’11
“It amazes me that one year after proposing the Compost Work Group, composting is on its way to becoming a permanent reality at Oberlin.”

On the Big Swap

Stacia Thompson ’11
“We are sustainability royalty for the week. Who else would skate home wrapped in a down comforter and carrying green alligator pillows under their arms all in the name of re-use and resource...