Kristina Popiel


  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Writing and Communication

Areas of Study


  • PhD, University of Minnesota

  • MFA, Emerson College

  • MA, Carnegie Mellon University

  • BA, John Carroll University


Kristina Popiel is a visiting assistant professor in the Writing and Communication Department.

Her research focuses on the relationship between marginalized women's writing, epistemological production and labor in 20th and 21st century literature. 

Her teaching explores the relationship between composition and epistemological production, and is focused on anti-racist rhetoric and linguistic justice. Her goal is to support students in their inquiry into the relationship between the real-world experiences and expertise that they already have, with active and empowered knowledge production, via written, communicative output.

In addition to her experience teaching writing, she previously taught in literature and gender studies programs.

Her planned next project is a critique of the political rhetoric of “happiness,” as it intersects with labor, race and gender.

Spring 2023

Writing for College & Beyond — WRCM 102
Research and Scholarly Writing Across the Disciplines — WRCM 301