Joshua Reinier

(he/him or they/them)

  • Conservatory Communications Content Creator


  • BA, Oberlin College, 2022
  • BM, Oberlin Conservatory of Music, 2022


Joshua Reinier graduated from Oberlin in 2022 with a BA in Comparative Literature and a BM in Composition. He is an experienced writer, educator, and artist devoted to both words and music. He performs on voice and piano, covering free improvisation, sound poetry, and music-theater, also writing poetry which has been published in literary magazines including Prairie Margins and the Plum Creek Review. His Honors Thesis in Comparative Literature explores the poems of Stéphane Mallarmé, the music of Boulez, and the ways that poets talk about music, and how music talks back at poetry. At Oberlin, Joshua worked as a Writing Associate and as a Facilitator for Barefoot Dialogues, roles which saw him helping students express themselves more clearly and deeply. He is a practicing Buddhist and was the Student Liaison for the Oberlin Buddhist Fellowship for four years. After graduating, he spent 28 days in a silent meditation retreat. Joshua is excited to be returning to Oberlin in his role at Conservatory Communications this year, and plans to attend graduate school.