Photo of Jane Sancinito
  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics
  • Thomas F. Cooper Postdoctoral Fellow in Classics


  • BA, Literae Humaniores, Oxford University, 2011
  • MA, ancient history, University of Pennsylvania, 2014
  • PhD, Graduate Group in Ancient History,  Dissertation: “Merchants in the Later Roman Empire,’’ University of Pennsylvania, 2018


Jane Sancinito is the Thomas F. Cooper Postdoctoral Fellow in Classics. She holds a PhD and MA from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA from Oxford University.

She is a Roman social and economic historian, specializing in Roman merchants, tradesmen, and artisans. Her research interests are in the agency behind commerce, the social lives of craftsmen and retailers, and in the materiality of trade, especially coins. She is a trained numismatist (coin specialist) who has published on Roman and Parthian coins.

Her current work focuses on innkeepers, customs and tolls, papyri, and trade as it appears in Jewish-Christian sources in the later Roman Empire. At Oberlin she will be teaching Greek and Roman Mythology, Greek language, and Roman History. 

Outside of the classroom, Sancinito is an ice hockey player, loves embroidery, and enjoys baking. Come see her during office hours, on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.